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Comprehensive Service

The law firm Ślaski & Wspólnicy provides complex legal support to natural entities bodies to optimize legal costs.

The offer is adjusted to the needs of natural entities that want to assign the law firm with the complex conduction of the matters in the field of the broadly understood civil law, as well as the transactions.

In the context of complex legal assistance we provide permanent or occasional assistance in the following areas:

  • we enforce claims of purchased items for daily needs (consumer rights);
  • claim compensation for injury to persons or properties;
  • analyze and evaluate civil right contracts;
  • enforce claims;
  • negotiate with business partners;

  • represent matters in ordinary courts of all instances (divorce, alimony, inheritance, division of assets);
  • consumer bankruptcy;
  • set process strategies;

  • represent the business operating persons in front of public administrative bodies and administrative courts;
  • offer professional legal assistance to affected people, as well as help prosecutors in the field of substantive criminal law and criminal procedure.

    Civil and family law

    We deal with liabilities (non-compliance, improper performance of the contract), inheritance and family law (divorce, division of assets, alimony), give legal advice and consultations, draft letters that require legal reasoning, negotiate and represent clients in courts of all instances in civil and economic affairs.


    We help in obtaining compensation and satisfaction, represent the injured person and their family throughout the claims liquidation process, track the claims settlement process, negotiate with insurers and create bills of an indictment on payment against insurers.

    Consumer Bankruptcy

    Our lawyers provide legal advice and consultations regarding the possibilities of explaining consumer bankruptcy. We create applications for declaration of consumer bankruptcy and analyze the legal situation regarding the practicality of the application for consumer bankruptcy.

    Criminal Law

    We provide professional legal assistance for victims, help prosecutors by creating charges about crime committing, as well as private and subsidiary prosecution files. We provide continuous advice in the area of criminal and offense law and prepare broad typesetting, applications as well as legal opinions in criminal matters.