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The law firm Ślaski & Wspólnicy is a team that consists of several lawyers with rich practical experiences and complementary area of specialization. Our law firm is a team that is educated by people. Expertise, quality, and experience are our assets, thanks to which wecan provide services in the legal advice area to the highest standard possible and a reasonable price. Thanks to our knowledge of branches, in with the businesses of our customers are managed; we can find solutions that are adjusted to your individual needs and preferences.

The law firm Ślaski & Wspólnicy specialized on legal services for small and medium businesses. We also provide legal assistance to natural entities in the area of the widely understood civil and criminal law as representatives or help prosecutors. That is why we build strong relations with our customers, to become their partner.

We act professionally to reduce the legal risk of our customers. We treat each customer in the same, important way, without concern for the ponderousness of the matter entrusted to us.

We believe in the power of specialization, thus every member of our team practices in a narrow area of law. Thanks to the complementary specialization areas, we provide comprehensive legal assistance to entrepreneurs and natural entities.

We treat every customer in a reliable and individual way. We are precise, appreciate the time of our clients and the legal solutions proposed by us protect the legitimate interest of the customers to the widest extent.