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Business customer

The law firm Ślaski & Wspólnicy provides services that are adapted to the specific needs of the branch in which business customers lead their companies and businesses. Our lawyers provide complex legal assistance in favor of micro-entrepreneurs and small and medium-sized enterprises: natural bodies that operate a business, people and corporations as well as foundations, housing companies and shared flats.

The law firm provides professional legal services to customers as a result of the fixed or temporary legal assistance contract. The legal assistance conditions, the scope of provided services, the timeframe of service execution, as well as the amount of the fee are individually set every time in accordance with the preferences expressed by customers.

The legal assistance provided by the lawyers of the law firm agrees with the requirements of the Polish legal assistance act of 6 July 1982 (Journal of Laws, no. 19, item 145 with later amendments) and the Act of prosecution law of 6 May 1982 (Journal of Laws, no. 16, item 124 with later amendments) in particular with the model professional regulations for lawyers.

The provided services are dedicated to the legal field and particularly include the following:

  • We provide verbal and written advice and legal consultation;
    • draft letters for procedures requiring legal reasoning;

    • create drafts of contracts and legal opinions;

    • create a process typesetting (writs, applications, appeals, complaints, contradictions, charges);

    • set process strategies;

    • support our customers in the field of debt recovery;

    • participate in economic negotiations;

    • can carry out effective negotiations with business partners;

    • are authorized process representatives; 

We have rich experience in the following areas of law:

Business Law

Our lawyers have special experience in the fields of business law. We lead ongoing legal support for companies, are involved in negotiations with business partners, create claim statements, in particular on payment (order for payment procedure, simplified procedure), create opinions and explanations in the field of applying the law.

We are specialists in the area of civil law, with special consideration of the liability law (offenses, penalties, interest, and delay).

Civil Court Procedures

We represent our clients in orderly courts of all instances, prepare analyzes and legal opinions for the needs of the specific matter and set process strategies.

Many years of experience allows us to specialize in the performance of professional legal aid relating to debt recovery. We provide professional legal assistance and representation in the field of debt recovery as an amicable settlement (preventive package), in the High Court and enforcement proceedings. The firm provides legal services in the Republic of Poland territory and the EU Member States, in particular, Germany, and Great Britain.

Contract Law

We create and negotiate trade agreements, regulations, statutes and decisions, analyze and examine draft agreements and participate in negotiations with the customers, which are focused on contracting.


The preliminary discussion of the matter, as well as the calculation of the provided services, are free of charge. The conversation with the lawyer does not obligate you to give us the order. Each customer can negotiate the scope of the provided services and the amount of the fee.

The final amount of the compensation depends on several factors; it is influenced mainly by the type of the matter, the scope of the provided services, as well as the preferences of the customers. The determination of the detailed rules of the cooperation, including the scope and the form, as well as of the selected model of fee payment, always takes place individually with each customer during the preliminary discussion of the matter.

The amount of compensation and payment rules depends on the needs of the customers. The compensation may base on the following principles:

  • Compensation in accordance with the provided services

    • Is a compensation for every single activity, so-called occasional legal assistance.

  • Lump-sum compensation

    • Is a set compensation for the specified agreed-on period (e.g. one month), without regard to the expenses of the assigned lawyers. In the frame of this compensation, permanent legal assistance is ensured and guaranteed by the firm.
  • Fixed hourly rate compensation

    • Is the remuneration that is determined on the basis of the time units, which are devoted to the substantive processing of legal advice, meeting with the client, legal representation in courts, law enforcement agencies and to public administrative bodies.

  • Upfront fixed compensation (fixed budget)

    • Is the compensation that is set when it is possible to estimate the amount of compensation for the given project, for occasional services and projects that require a considerable amount of work.
  • Compensation for the given stage of matter success (so-called success fee)

    • Is associated with a premium for the successfully acquired outcome of the matter for the customers.

Corresponding accounting documents are issued for the provided legal services. Compensation for legal representation is confirmed by a separate accounting document.

The law firm informs the customers each time about requirements, other additional fees, costs and other expenses along with information about the consequences of non-payment.