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The recovery department functioning within the framework of the law firm Ślaski & Wspólnicy ensures the customers complex legal assistance in the area of debt recovery in Poland, and also the EU Member States. The collection is performed by us based on an amicable settlement, as well as during the judicial and enforcement procedure.

The law firm Ślaski & Wspólnicy deals with the complex recovery by creating writings for the procedures that require legal reasoning as well as acting as a professional representative in litigation and enforcement. Thanks to our existing team of practicing lawyers, specialists in narrow areas of the law, we guarantee professional legal assistance to the recovery to be collected.
In the context of the work of the recovery department, we offer the following legal services:

  • Package preventive (preventive stamp, legal verification of documents, receivables monitoring, industrial espionage, info brokering, effective recovery strategies, payment requests and warning of the intention to enter the data of the debtor and information about his debt in the directory of the debtor, payment assurance, application for the separation of property of the debtor and spouse).
  • Judicial and enforcement procedures (creation of complaint statements, payment orders, rescission of payment orders, legal representative by the lawyer or attorney, electronic payment order procedure).

We create writings in enforcement matters (payment, enforcement, enforcement applications, request for repeated enforcement execution, legal action to the actions if the bailiff, request to disclosure of assets, legal action for the amendment of the enforcement, attribution of the assets).
We perform debt collection of companies and natural entities;
participate in settlements in and out of court;
make agreements for the purpose of protection of creditor claims;
recover foreign debts from the EU Member States, especially from Germany and the United Kingdom;

Preliminary matter analysis, as well as the assertion of the claim, are carried out after the recovery of the claim in accordance with the preferences of the customers.
The accounting base of the by us provided legal services is the amount of work as well as the expense of the lawyers that are working on the matter. Legal assistance conditions are agreed on individually with each customer due to transparent principles of legal and financial cooperation.